Improving magic talents (MT)

To improve the magic talents, you can follow the same rules that apply for the "ordinary" talents. But magic talents are only available for magically endowed heroes. Magicians may use 15 dice rolls (which cuts down their ordinary talents to 10 rolls at maximum), elves have to restrain to 10 (and this does not change their 15 ordinary rolls).

Improving life energy (LE)

for non-magical types

Going up another level the hero has the possibility to raise her life energy. Therefore she may only roll a D6 and add the energy simply to the current life energy. This applies also, if the character is momentarily engaged in an adventure chronicle, even if she is wounded.

Improving astral energy (AE)

and life energy for magicians and elves

A magician throws a D6, an elf throws a D6 and adds 2. These points can now be split up between astral energy, which is essential for casting spells, and life energy as the player wishes.

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