Arkanian animals and monsters

In the following chapter we will introduce some of the most likely encounters your heroes might meet on their journeys through Arkania. This should be some sort of a representative cross-section of all fauna in the enchanted continent and so no wonder, you will find intelligent lifeforms like orks and goblins as well as beats of prey or magic. There is already said much more about Arkania in german issues, but as always you have to be satisfied with what you get.  

We will use the following abbreviations: 

 CO: The courage of the creature. 

 LE: The life energy of the creature. 

 MS: The maximum speed in steps per second (steps/fighting turn). 

 AT: The attack value;  2 AT/FT means the creature may attack twice per fighting turn. 

 PA: The parade value. 


RP: The armour points of a creature. 

 Sta: The stamina of a creature, i.e. the time in seconds, that the animal may endure in maximum speed. 

 HP: Hit points. 

 MR: Magical resistance. 

 CM: Class of monster (That was originally the experience points you gain by killing the monster, now think about what this value might give you...) 

 The CV (comparison value) for weapons has no meaning against animals, only if these animals are intelligent and use weapons themselves. 

The ork

"About the orks: After men, elves and dwarves the orks - or Blackfurred - are the most important people of Arkania and they live at most in the country called after them, the Orkland. They are a little less tall but stronger than the humans, they got a black fur, long main hair, teeth like a wild boar and an escaping forehead. They worship terrible idols like Tairach, a false god of blood, and most of them live by raiding and killing. Only few try to live from the fruits of Peraine. Yes, sometimes they even unite with ogres or maneaters, whom they even taught their silly language. They are hideous robbers, though, and it is not a long time since they carried death and destruction into the countries of elf and man."  

The orks in a game

To encounter a band of raiding orks is no unusual thing in Arkania, since it is only about 5 years that they tried to conquer the Middle-Realm and some of them now follow the fierce black magician Borbarad who just tries to slave the whole of Arkania. Their home, however, is the Orkland and even after all the explorations they took to gain some ritual items for Tairach, more than half of the Arkanian orks live their. Their capital is Khezzara.
In nearly any adventure you may present some orks in Arkania. They tend to be aggressive, their life is destined to be a life of fight and competition according to their belief. You will find them as helpers of robbers, as robbers on their own raid and being more than the enemy they will never try to surrender.  

As a gamemaster you may lead orks like any other kind of NPC (Non-player character), they have their hobbies, their special talents and sometimes even their certain knowledge or craftsmanship. And they are very uncomfortable as bad thinking creatures, but to offer them as a simple sacrifice to the players would rob them the attractivity of evil and would rob Rondra the earned sacrifice.  


MU: 9 AT: 11 PA: 7 

 LE: 20 RP: depending on armour 

 HP: depending on weapon 

 MS: Table 1  Sta: 50 MR: -8 

 CM: 10

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