So, you decided to give it a try, hm ? Good idea, or better very good idea.
If you just tried to access this, because you do not know, what a role-playing game is all about, there will be a short description of that on a near page in the near future, because Realms of Arkania is very easy to master as a beginner, since it has a modular structure, which allows you to embody rules for every stage of your career in role-playing.
If you already know what role-playing game is all about and this is just a way of getting to know what those bloody germans keep playing all the time, then, please begin to read the first simple description of the character and the rules of the game in the preliminary rules chapter. You will need these very basic rules, because you will only be able to access the rule book 2, which is the main rule book and explains 95% of all the rules with the exception of these very few basic rules. I did not translate rule book 1, because the history of Arkania is developing quickly these times and much of what it says is simply wrong, today.
If you already read the preliminary rules, go on to the dull direct translation and index of rule book 2, which is different from the german edition only at the end, equally, because of the fast-moving history of the enchanted continent.