Intuitive talents

All talents of this area my be improved by up to only 1 point per level.


Presentiment (WI/IN/IN)

Presentiment in Arkania refers first of all to dangers, if a test in Presentiment succeeds the master may tell her whether danger is approaching or not, but not which kind of danger this may be. It could happen that this situation arises and vanishes again without the hero having taken action. Tests of Presentiment may be demanded by the player herself or by the master. Heroes with TaP 10 or higher on Presentiment should be informed automatically by the gamemaster. This Presentiment is only a sense for the direct future, no time for prophecies... 


Luck (CO/IN/IN)

Luck as a talent may be used in any kind of situation, but its effect is limited to situations where luck is essential, e.g. gambling. A test in luck may be as successful as a test in Cheating, but if luck will not come to the hero, there is no danger that she may loose her life. Cheating, by the way, often allows far higher ratings of winning than pure luck. If you use luck in a realistic game, this may lead to throwing the dice again, but not determining the number you wish. This is restricted to Cheating. Luck may as well be tested when some mechanical traps are activated that seem t have no logic for the heroes or when walking the streets of a city and looking for somebody to enjoy a night or even for running through a crowded place and trying to find the right one to loot.  

Sensitivity (WI/IN/IN)

A standard question in a role-playing game is: 

 "Now, that I sneaked near to the campfire, do I see something special ?" In Arkania the particularity of what a hero might see or hear is dependent on her Sensitivity.  

According to her sensitivity the game-master describes what a hero might perceive, but do not care special attention to something, just arrange the level of detail by her success. Otherwise your description might lead directly to the core of the adventure and you would not want that.  

The perception of sensing with fingers might also be tested according to sensitivity. In this case, use a DEXTERITY-roll instead of the second INTUITION roll.  

Failed rolls normally lead to no perception other than a very description, but in the worst case also to being blinded by a trick of light and similar false detections. The master should always roll Sensitivity-tests hidden behind a screen. 

Note: Testing a talent by dice rolls should never lead to reducing the action a hero performs to a minimum like. "I do a Presentiment-roll". Instead an exact description is the intention of a RPG, i.e. "I keep my breath and concentrate on my surroundings - do I sense something unnormal, danger ?" or in other cases like "I kneel down onto the floor and look at the trace of the horseshoe, may I esteem from the mass of water in it when the rider came along here ?" 

 A good description may be rewarded by the master by simpler tests or by abandoning any kind of roll referring to the action.  

Never forget, that an arkanian citizen does not know anything about life energy points or even TaP. A hero could never ask "Alrik wants to get up that mountain, with Climbing TaP 11 that should not be a problem" or "Blume has lost 11 points of LE, how many points did the poison ?"

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