Battle Lore


The expanded fighting rules

The rules are presented in the form modules in the following chapter.  

You will only need some basic rules, the rest is quoted as an Option. 

Your group of adventurers should decide which rules of these options shall be applied and which are not so popular. The fighting system is quite an important part of the rules, but it is not the focus of interest, so feel free to choose from our menu. 

Basic values and fighting techniques as talents

Determination of attack (AT) and parade (PA)

Calculate the basic value for attack (bAT) at first according to the formula: bAT=(CO+AG+ST)/5 and round the values according to mathematics, i.e. a value of 7.4 becomes 7, a value of 7.6, however, becomes 8.  

A hero incorporating the virtues CO 13, AG 15 and ST 14 would have a basic value of 8 (13+14+15=42; 42/5=8.4; 8.4 becomes 8).  

The basic values for parade (bPA) is calculated by: bPA=(IN+AG+ST)/5, and you round it off like the basic value for attack.  

If the same hero as above has an INTUITION of 11, her basic value for parade would be 8, too (11+15+14=40; 40/5=8).  

Now, your AT-value and your PA-value is dependent on the weapon your hero carries, you have to split up your talent points in any technique and add them to the basic value, e.g.: 

If our hero depicted above has a TaP "Thrust weapon" of 7, than she could divide the 7 as 5 and 2 resulting in AT 13, PA 10, or she could divide it into 4 and 3 resulting in AT 12, PA 11. This would only be valid for thrust weapons. He would follow the procedure for each of the techniques.  

Once you have noted these values, they are valid for each fight and cannot be changed again. AT and PA is modified again by handicap by armour the heroes wear and in each fight by the comparison value of the weapon.  

Improvement of attack and parade

The improvement by level has a strong influence in regard to the fighting techniques, because either the improvement of virtues or the improvement of talents may raise the points of attack and parade.  

Let us get back to our example, the hero had CO 13, AG 15, ST 14 and Tap "Thrust weapons" 7, which made AT 12 and PA 11 for thrust weapons. If she reaches next level and raises her AG by 1, her bAT (basic value for AT) will be on 9 (13+16+14=43; 43/5=8.6, rounded 9). Now if she succeeds in improving her talent also by 1 point, than her AT/PA will be 14/11 or 13/12 whatever she chooses. 

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