Fighting techniques as talents

As you might have read in the previous chapter you will not normally roll the dice as a talent test in these talents. It is, however, the foundation for calculating the attack and parade of your hero. The talent value is just added onto the basic values for AT and PA. 

 In the following we will distinguish between the various techniques and their application in the game as well as their effects. These talents are:  

Unarmed fighting



This talent is the base for all these little fights and pretty gatherings in crowded taverns: thus, it consists of kicking, beating and defending against those attacks. Beating is whatever you consider it to be, with the palm of your fist, but equally with your head or your shoulder, with your knee or whatever you prefer. The defence (PA) is most of the time just blocking or reassembling and waiting.   

Additionally, there are some other unarmed fighting techniques which are known throughout Arkania, i.e. boxing, wrestling and Hruruzat, but those are only described in other boxes and are not part of this basic rules. So, wait.  

Armed fighting


Axes and hatchets

The result of a hit with an axe is similar to a cut by some cut weapon and the damage is done by the enormous weight and the centrifugal power invested by the hero. They are preferred by dwarves and the humans from Thorwal.  

Knifes and daggers

Knifes and daggers are the most common weapons in all Arkania, they are used by each and everyone. The application of a dagger requires the precise stichting into important zones and STRENGTH does not come into the game. This is the category of any stitch weapon smaller than half a step. 

Cut weapons

These are all weapons that have a blade with one sharp edge. Most of them are rounded slightly. This raises the effect of the cut since it contributes to the overall power management in its application. Typical Cut Weapons are Khunchomers, sabres and scimitars. 



One-handed swords are the classical weapons for fencing in Arkania. You can employ them for stitching and hitting and not just stichting as the elegant epee. Some sabres may be used as swords, some two-handed swords, however, may only be employed with a Two-handed talent. 


Spears and staffs

Spears are, in front of all, long weapons that carry a spike at the end. This is an ideal weapons for parrying strikes, even from animals. The long staff should not be underestimated as big advantage to other weapons. This group does also include the classical magic wand.  

Thrust weapons

This kind of weapons is a group of the most elegant weapons available in Arkania, it consists of weapons with very thin blades and sharp peaks. Their damage is partially done by whipping blows but first of all by precise localization of a weak zone on the body. Thrust weapons here depicted are epees, rapiers and foils.  

Stub weapons

Stub weapons have no blades. They damage only by pushing them with your own STRENGTH. They are very heavy and sometimes improved by spikes to destroy armours. This category comprises hammers, clubs, legs of chairs, bones and everything similar.  

Two-handed weapons

Two-handed swords are normally used in another way than the one-handed ones, so this is their own class which comprises large battle-axes, too, since the employment is dependent on changing the grip of the weapon sometimes. 

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