Unarmed combat

As we have already proceeded your AT and PA is determined by adding your talent points to AT and PA. So, on first view, unarmed combat seems the same.  

So, now for the big difference: Unarmed fighting cannot effect real damage points. At the end of unarmed fighting heroes are only tired not dead or unconscious. So damage points have to be subtracted from Stamina not from life energy.  

If Stamina drops below 5, the hero is incapable of fighting. Per turn, she may regain 3 Stamina points up to STRENGTH plus instantaneous life energy after the fight. If the hero is drawn into a new fight during this relaxation phase, she will be faced to fight according to her instantaneous Stamina.  

Plucking is ruled by the same laws as any other combat, that is by alternating rolls on AT and PA. Stamina loss points (damage points) are rolled by 1D6 per successful test. A "brilliant attack" evokes a particular position in the fight. The offender may decide whether she wants to spend the normal 1D6 damage points as real damage points or to toss her enemy onto the ground for 1D6 fighting turns. 

Unarmed combat against armed enemies

An unarmed fighter may not parry her enemy, but she may avoid a strike. Further more she has to wait for her own attack until the enemy fails to strike. If the attack succeeds, but the parade of the enemy succeeds, too, the fighter will have to stand the same damage points as if she were hit. The comparison value of plucking is 2/0. 
Mara (LE:33, ST:12, AV: 9, AT:13, PA:11 in plucking) is forced into a brawl in a tavern. Fists fly, but after a while Mara can overtake her enemy. Heavily breathing (i.e. her Stamina sunk from 33+12=45 to 28), a friend of the fallen enemy draws a heavy dagger (CV:3/3) and tries to hit Mara.  

She cannot defend against the dagger (her AV(oidance) is only 9 and her dice show 10.). She receives a heavy strike and looses 8 points of life energy (which stayed full untouched in the previous unarmed fight), which are also subtracted from her Stamina. (Stamina drops to 20.) Before breaking down, however, her friend Swanja takes a leg of a chair and sends the new offender into the realm of bad dreams... The wound is bandaged quickly and after half an hour (6 turns), Mara is restored to a Stamina of 37, which is the maximum value with her instantaneous life energy. And so Mara and Swanja are up and away never to see this tavern again. 


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