We differentiate between two kinds of movement during the game, the strategic and the tactical manoeuvres. Strategic movement results in this description to long distances and long durations, whereas tactical movement is the propagation on short distances for a short time, i.e. a chase through a castle or the narrow streets of a town.  

Distances are measured in miles in Arkania (1 Arkanian mile=1 kilometre) and in steps (1 step=1m).  

Strategic movement

The strategic movement - you could as well call them speed of travel - is important, when you want to measure the distance a gang of heroes can walk or ride during one day. Unfortunately, the speed of travel is always the speed of the slowest group member. Good average values per day are:  
Group of travellers walking: 30 miles 

 Group of travellers riding: 50 miles 

These are the distances people can travel at slightly quick pace without spending all the travellers' ot the animals' energy. If time is short and the group wants to travel faster they can, but beware the animals:  
Group of travellers marching: 45 miles 

 Travellers driving their horses: 70 miles

Important: A march or drive can only be carried out every other day.  

Travelling at normal speed you have to think about the surrounding nature and terrain. 

Bad terrain slows down the pace of the brave heroes. Therefore there is a modificator on the main value.  
  • Terrain modificators: 
  • Imperial Road 110% 
  • Open fields 100% 
  • Open forest 75% 
  • Hills 75% 
  • Forest 50% 
  • Mountains 30% 
  • Dense forest / Jungle: 10% 
  • Swamps 10% 
  • Means of transport: 
  • Oxcar 25 miles/day 
  • Horsecar 30 miles/day 
  • Travel coach 50 miles/day 
  • Stage-caoch 120 miles/day* 
  • Barge upstream 20 miles/day 
  • Barge downstream 40 miles/day 
  • Sailing boat 140 miles/day 
  • *frequent use of horses enables the stage-coach to go that fast, it uses nearly only imperial roads 

Tactical manoeuvring

Tactical movement is normally only interesting if the situation of a chase arises and somebody has to catch somebody else. How long will it take ? Does it happen ? So what we need to know for it is the maximum speed a creature can go and its stamina (i.e. how long it can go that fast).  

Maximum speed: In the following we proceed on the assumption that a sporty, agile human being (which is the group that most of the heroes belong to) can easily obtain a maximum speed of 8 steps per second or very agile heroes (AGILITY 16-20) may even reach speed of up to 9 steps/second whereas less agile heroes (AGILITY 8-10) make only 7 steps/second. Dwarfs are limited because of their short legs to 5 steps/second. 

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