Arkania - the adventurer's home

The last chapter reveals the world of Arkania to give the frame and background for the average adventurer's band in the role-playing game. If you just started to get acquainted with Arkania and your head is dizzy of reading and understanding the rules, you might ask, whether this is somehow important and if you cannot develop the world of your own. The answer is: You can, but it is a hell lot of work to do so and you have already enough work for employing the rules as essential.  

Yes, you will spend to face a lot of energy to start with the game, so you should always know your limits. You are not urged to employ everything in one go. But you will realize that fighting, talent and character generation is much earlier a part of your brain than you thought it might be. And in that moment you will feel good having something to read about the background.  

Such a background world is a very sensible idea, because it sets the frame for your hero as well as for your adventure. If there is no country and no location, where the hero is originating from, if there are no friends, who might be invited to a drink or two in between two adventures, then she will only be a sheet of numbers, no living hero, who has the need to tell his friends about his experience. He will never get praise from a count or earl, never believe in gods and demons. Without fears and love she will be one-dimensional and you will loose interest. So you should really think some time to build up the history of your hero. And therefore you will need an idea of Arkania. 

Of course, you have the possibility to build up your own world for your gaming circle - in the end , Realms of Arkania is a game of fantasy. Only the question remains whether this is sensible, because players may really be annoying when wanting to know about geography, politics, law, taxes, resources, climate, religion, trade, prices, diseases and remedies, herbs and creatures of the world. And you will soon be found in a chaos. So since we know what we are talking about - we built the world from the ideas of 20 authors and a lot of ideas from individual players out there - we know how detailed your world can be after more than 10 years. And you always have to look for a relative freedom of ideas, these free spaces leave mysteries to solve, black magicians to dwell and so on. Most of the players only take the coarse structures of the world and think about the rest themselves, as they do with the rules.  

The way Arkania develops today is a very dynamic process that is firmly lead by ideas of players where authors just look for the coordination of those ideas. And there still remains something to tell although there are some hundred pages written on provinces, history, gods, creatures and whatsoever. Therefore this introduction will not give more than a short overview of the continent of Arkania. 

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