The Tatzelworm

"Of Tatzelworms or stinking dragons: In any kind of cave you might find these terribilities, which length may well be up to 4 steps, which skin is the color of disgusting, squamatic greyish brown and which are living on 6 legs like spiders. The have sharp claws and sharp teeth and they eat even more than any kind of rat . So it is a big advantage that you smell them miles against the wind direction, so that you can avoid them if you like."  

Tatzelworms in a game

Tatzelworms are related to the dragons, but they are not able to fly or spit fire. They live in mountainous areas, even in civilized ones and they do not travel a lot. Sometimes, however, they are assembling goods, but nearly always without value. They are not intelligent and every human being may easily avoid them. But if they are insulted, than they will chase their victims a few days. 
Elves cannot fight against a Tatzelworm, their smell makes them dizzy and they have to stay away from them.  
CO: 20 AT: 10/6/8* PA: 5 

 LE: 50 RP: 4 

 HP: 1D6(claws), 2D6(bite), 1D6+3(tail) 

 MS: 5 Sta: 90 MR: 6 

 CM: 40 


* The first attack value is for claws, the second for bite and the last for the tail of the monster. The Tazelworm has got two attacks per fighting turn (2 AT/FT). 

The Undead

"Of the non-dead: All non-dead, known are the wandering body, the skeleton and the mummy, are to be looked upon in a frightening manner. You never meet them under the gleaming ball of Praios, because they burn in their interior from the revelation, but you will meet them during the night, in crypts or tombs. Most often it is a bad necromantic (black magician) who robs them from their grave and controls when they come and go."  

The undead in a game

Undead are creatures, which may act on a strange base, since their body moves although the body may be falling apart already. The reason may be black magic, a curse or a strange stellar constellation and their way to the realm of Boron is blocked. In the case of an invocation it is best to look for the source of the evil and fight against it, because the loose of control by the master of the undead will also destroy their existence. Adventurers who seek for experience in the eastern Middle-realm or the Bornland these days have to take into account that Borbarad, the fiercest magician Arkania has ever seen, has come back to life himself and he controls a lot of those creatures even filling whole troups with them, which are commonly called the dark hords of Yak-Hai. Always when heroes face such a creature they have to roll a NECROPHOBIA test. If they fail, the hero will be driven by her NECROPHOBIA and is not able to participate in any form of combat against them. She would rather escape to somewhere else.  



This kind of undead is a strongly decaying dead body, who has been recalled by a magician or an astronomical constellation. They are clumsy and are fighting only with their hands (or the rest of it) and it is said that they spread horrible diseases. 


CO: 30 AT: 7 PA: 0 

 LE: 20 RP: 0 

 HP: 1D6+2 

 MS: Table2 Sta: 500 MR: 10 

 CM: 15 


Time passes and an even older dead body resurrects from the burial ground, that has only bones and perhaps metalic parts of an ancient armour left. These skeletons are often found in cursed crypts and they are hard to differentiate from a living enemy in the dark. Skeletons may only be fought effectively with axes or stub weapons. All other weapons do not cause any serious damage.  

CO: 30 AT: 7 PA: 7 

 LE: 15 RP: 1,4 or 5 

 HP: depending on weapon 

 MS: Table2 Sta: 500 MR: 12 

 CM: 18 


 These undead ones are not easily found in large quantities, since they are the stable wrapped up rests of a once wealthy and mighty person. They possess an enormous amount of physical strength and can only be harmed effectively by fire. Any other weapon causes only half of its normal damage against mummies. But a torch hurts them by 2D6 hit points. Torches are fought as stub weapons.  

CO:30 AT:7 PA:7 

 LE:35 RP:2 


 MS:Table2 Sta:1000 MR:15 



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