Nature talents

All talents of this area may be raised by up to 2 points per level. 



Tracking (WI/IN/AG)

Following a trace or looking for some tracks may succeed when heroes make use of this talent. The difficulty in tracking is, of course, depending on the terrain, so that every change of terrain requires a new Tracking-test, which can vary from -7 (new snow) to +20 (cold dry rock). There are some floors like dustless marmor which may be impossible to search, so no test has to be allowed. 


Trapping (WI/DE/ST)

This talent consists of constructing, placing and masking traps. A successful test means a passing animal would be trapped. If the hero will find animals around there at all, is dependent on the surroundings. If there is popular demand the master may check this by throwing some dice.  

Only trappers with TaP greater than 6 are in the position to construct traps that may not be detected by intelligent creatures like orcs, goblins or even humans. The construction of traps with complicated mechanical background, however, is not possible with this talent.  

The discovery of traps is crosschecked by a harder test on Sensitivity or Presentiment. 

Plants (WI/IN/DE)

The Wise Man on Plants does not only know where he might find plants that he knows, he may also tell what kind of plant a plant might be that he does not know. The capability of draining and using plants to produce poison, tinctures or remedies is related to this talent, too. A failed test on Plants while brewing stuff or defining plants may have awful effects and may therefore be rolled hidden by the master.  

Animals (CO/WI/IN)

To succeed in a hunt a solid knowledge of animals and their behaviour is very helpful. In Arkania it is even the base to go hunting at all. The little zoologist in Arkania may as well determine foreign animals as belonging to certain classes as he might compare them to known animals. Tests on Animals serve normally as a presentiment on the behaviour and the meat content of a hunted animal. Combined with Shot Weapons and Sneaking this talent is definitely essential for hunting.  

Survival (IN/DE/AG)

This talent covers all the little things that might be important when roaming the wilderness, ranging from the choice of a suitable campsite to making fire, finding fuel and things like that. A hero who fails shall not wonder when her tent is swept away by a giant thunderstorm in the night, only the because the little romantic creek at the feet of her tent has changed into some streaming ravines incorporating the tent.  

This talent may be tested hidden by the gamemaster. 

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