The magician

A quick, but seemingly uncoordinated waving of hands and she succeeded in installing a wall of glowing spiralling light between them and their chasers. They could not come through, their shape remained, however, meaningless. 

 "We only have some moments left !", she was yelling at her friend now. Sweat ran in streams over her face, her burnt clothes were like a second skin on her mistreated body. Blood raise in her veins to the very top of her head and she could sense her pulse in her throat. Oh, thank Hesinde, they will not notice that my source has nearly run dry. She looked over her shoulder and saw Drego working with his fingers on the lock of the heavy oaken door. And suddenly Rondradan, his armour already showing holes, said: "Let's go !"  

But we will see again, she thought, there is no way, that some haunting ghosts may hinder me, Lindara of Kuslik, from revealing the secret of the saurian temple.  

She tumbled two steps backward. Back to the lower hells where you come from. "IGNIFAXIUS !" A bright lightning zickzacked through the room. Half of the ghosts dissolved in stinking smoke, but she did not realize it any more. Darkness took over...  


From time to time children are born into Arkania who grow up showing a high probability of being involved in strange coincidences: An apple, absolutely unreachable for the child, just jumps into their direction; a bigger child, who wants to beat them up, is suddenly hit by a shock and collapses.  

Sometimes these strange forces disappear as they have come, when these children grow up. Most of the times, however, the parents or a magician, who is wandering around for recruiting new adepts, recognizes their astral potential, "the gift" or "the power" as the ordinary people call it. Magicians are some of the most renown people among Arkanian society and so parents give their children willingly into the hands of an academy when they reach the age of 10.  

Boys and girls are taught by master magicians, they learn writing and reading, the basic knowledge of alchemy, history, calculating, philosophy, demonology and a lot of other sciences. During their time of academia they are not permitted to cast a spell outside the academic building. After their time in academia they have to finish magic school by an exam which includes a demonstration of their magic abilities by casting a spell. If they succeed in the exams the symbol of their academia is tattooed into the palm of their left hand. Their sign of power will in any case be their magic wand. Now they are free magicians, who may explore the world as they like to gain their own experiences, to broaden their research and to get a reputation that will lead most of them back onto the path of an academical career. 

The role of a magician

One of the most difficult jobs to handle in a role-playing games is that of a young, examinated magician. Imagine their minds, their worldy innocent view, their young spirit of freedom.  

Old and mighty magicians may be dark companions from time to time, they might only know anger and hatred. A young magician, however, who just left academia, still feels the moral of their teachers in their neck. He will use his talents only for the "good" or research. Very soon, however, he will realize that there is no such thing as pure "good" and "evil" and that standing up for their idols may well cost them their head and only real heroes can afford to answer any question according to their own point of view.  

So, no wonder, that experienced magicians, who could end your life within seconds, are often surrounded by a shell of arrogance and cynism, although they still preach their own, sometimes dangerous, ideas. Who could save the soul of a stalwart magician ?  

So, if you decide to play a magician, show the first traces of omnipotence as well as the thirst for knowledge and their restricted worldly image, their naivety, in front of all when dealing with other human beings. A real magician will always be proud of his art and he will perform his spells with pathos and meaningful gestures. Murmur once in a while something not understandable, present a new thesis and find arguments against it. Be a philosopher while enjoying a good glass of wine. And, last but not least, cast as much spells as you can. You have not got an awful lot of astral energy at the beginning, but who cares, you are a magician and you are young. Magicians are called magicians because they know how to use magic.  


"Let us assume - only as as a thesis, of course - a curse was cast upon this chest..." 

 (looking into the emptiness for a minute) "Fascinating..." 

 "Would Mister Captain Brigand please be so friendly as to clear the road ? Would you be so kind as to do so ... HORRIPHOBUS TERRORREIGN! See, it is pretty simple..." 

 "Hm ? What do you say ? You do not know the thesis of Kaphthausios ? Aye, so, you cannot read at all, interesting." 

Now, you could have a look at some numbers as magicians seem to like them considering their equipment and appearance or their talents or spells ?

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