Option: The magical resistance (MR)

The optional rules comprise the feature of the resistance to magic of any kind of creature. The according value is called magical resistance (MR) and is calculated by:  


i.e. you add COURAGE, WISDOM and Level to a sum, divide this sum by 3 and subtract twice the superstition from it.  

Every lifeform in Arkania has got something like a subconscious resistance to magic. This subconscious defence mechanism is improved in intelligent lifeforms by their conscious resistance evoked by COURAGE, WISDOM and experience (Level) and even more by magically talented creatures who see the world with different eyes, not coloured by a common SUPERSTITION. They build up something like a permanent antimagical shield that has to be broken first by a magician to get through to their sensitive areas. Now, this formula might seem difficult on first view, but magic is nothing for people with WI:7, so we are on solid ground.  

The value for new and freshly baked heroes will be around 0 and changes, of course, with level, COURAGE, WISDOM and SUPERSTITION. So never forget to raise your value after each level improvement, if you do not want her to end up as a toy for some obsessed magician.  

You will probably know that dwarves are particularly stubborn and that seaman as those from Thorwal are especially superstitious. Such traits are also noted by magical resistance and written down as modificators to the value calculated by the upper formula in the following table. So after calculating the basic MR, do not forget to add or subtract the value according to your type of character.  

Elf: +3 

 Magician: +2 

 Novadi: -1 

 Thief: +2 

 Thorwaler: -2 

 Dwarf: +2

The magical resistance will always be of interest, when the free will of a creature is restricted by a spell, so nearly every control spell (BANNBALADIN or HORRIPHOBUS), when reading thoughts, or when trying to transform a creature into another.  

In these cases the magic test becomes a harder test with the additive of the magical resistance of the target creature. Whether or not the MR is evoked is featured in the description of the individual spells.  
An example: The fearsome black magician Kromo is faced by two heroes, who want to hinder him from enforcing his dark plan. Before they can react the heroes are faced with a HORRIPHOBUS each. Warrioress Doriana (CO:13, WI:10, Level:5, SU: 5) has a MR of -1, the elf Startracer (CO:11, WI:13, Level:2, SU:3) has a MR of 5.  

Koromo's (CO:12, WI: 14, CH:14) not so fearsome knowledge of HORRIPHOBUS is MTaP 5. He rolls the dice 16, 8, 16. This is enough to let Doriana look for escape, but Startracer is not effected by the spell, so he himself casts a FULMINICTUS... 

It is not only intelligent life that creates an MR defence, the values of some typical monsters and animals may be looked up in the chapter Arkanian animals and monsters in the single features.  

Level improvement for magically talented

Every time your magician or elf reaches a new level, you can improve the talent points (TaP) as well as the magical talent points (MTaP). The improvement is the same for both, i.e. you roll 2D6 (or 3D6, if the MTaP-value is higher than 10) and you have to roll a higher value than your instantaneous one.  

The magician has 15 attempts to do so, the elf only 10. Additionally, the magician may reduce his talent improvement attempts by 5 and raise his number of attempts for the improvement of magical talents by 5. And he may reduce his attempts for magic talent improvement and raise his astral energy (AE) instead by 1D6+2.  

Of course, there are restriction to how much you may improve your individual magical talents per level. These are very simple, a magician may improve each spell by 2 points per level if it is a magician's spell and by 1 point only if it is an elf's spell, the elf may raise an elf's spell by 2 and a magician's spell by 1, thus the other way round. Additionally a magician may choose his very particular spell (which can be a magician's or elf's spell) and raise this every level by up to 3 points.  

And we will not forget what we said in the beginning of this second rule book, i.e. magicians and elves may, naturally, raise astral energy and life energy. Magicians roll 1D6 and split it up between the two values, elves roll 1D6+2 and split up the points as they wish. 

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